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Tuesday 4 September 2018

Canine love in India

Por olimurs.92

The story of an Indian family was apparently going to end with a terrible tragedy, and that is because a landslide completely destroyed their house. The surprising thing was the way they were alerted that something terrible was going to happen in that place and they decided to leave immediately.

As soon as they left, a landslide destroyed their house. So traumatic was the awakening in the middle of the night of a family in a mountainous area of India And it is that a dog saved their lives just before a landslide destroyed their house in the Indian state of Kerala, in the South of the Asian country, strongly hit by floods, reported Monday local media.

It happens that Mohanan P. and his family were sleeping in their house located in the mountainous area of Idukki when the dog began to bark in the middle of the night. The survivors told the local media that they realized something was not right and left the house to realize that something was not right.

The dog initially began to bark incessantly and suddenly began to howl uncontrollably, which made the family alert. Immediately the news went around the country and has been made viral in social networks a post posted on twitter telling the story as a funny event. The dog is now known as the four-legged hero.

The floods caused by the monsoon rains that hit this tourist state in southern India in recent days have left 39 dead. More than 100,000 people were left homeless during this year. On the other hand They approach 800 deadly victims of the Monsoon in India that also affect much of the Asian continent.

At least 774 people have been killed by floods and landslides triggered by the monsoon in seven Indian states, the Interior Ministry reported Monday.

The most affected place is Kerala, where 187 people have lost their lives, followed by Uttar Pradesh, with 171; West Bengal, with 170; Maharashtra, with 139; Gujarat, with 52; Assam, with 45; and Nagaland, with eight.

The death toll could rise because there are still 27 people missing, 22 in Kerala and five in West Bengal, authorities have warned, according to the local newspaper 'Times of India'.