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Tuesday 4 September 2018

Submerged villages and 200 victims in India

Por olimurs.92

Yesterday, the evacuees evacuated the last people who remained trapped in the submerged Kerala, in the south of India, where the serious floods have left at least 200 dead at the close of this edition. After raising the red alert that affected almost all of the 14 districts of the region, the authorities hope that the situation will improve, since no more rain is expected.

The Government of India ordered to mobilize unprecedented efforts to rescue the survivors and take them to emergency camps, in addition to distributing basic products. Sources of he Indian Interior Ministry announced that 67 helicopters, 24 aircraft, 548 boats and thousands of rescue personnel from the Indian Navy, the Army, the Air Force, the National Disaster Response Force, the Coast Guard and other central armed forces have been put into service.

Also more than 400 dead leave flood in India's tourist region after a week of rainfall, rains decreased last week and water levels dropped in different districts. It was considered the worst torrential rains in a century, left more corpses in sight, juts think about the fact that last Sunday rescuers found at least 30 more bodies.

Helicopters and military ships continued the search for survivors and distributed drinking water and food for people who were isolated by the disaster. Some 725,000 people are refugees in camps installed by the authorities in this tropical state in southern India, which last year was visited by more than one million tourists.

Pinarayi Vijayan, head of the local government, said to international media that total number of people who took refuge in the 5,645 humanitarian camps rose to 724,649.

The contamination of the sources of drinking water and the poor sanitary conditions make fear the appearance of diseases, according to the authorities. They are going to move people, health personnel, to follow up on the situation.

According to the local government, the losses caused in Kerala by these rains are about 2,900 million dollars, according to preliminary estimates. The final amount can only be known once the water falls, the authorities said in a statement.

Another recent information sais that India will not accept emergency aid from other countries for the state of Kerala, specifically offers made by Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The decision has provoked criticism from the opposition, which has called for an end to the suffering of the population of the southern state after the death of hundreds of people in the severe floods.