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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Three boys recorded their own death

Por olimurs.92

Three young men lost their lives in a few seconds because they did not notice the depth of the water where they were thrown. What would be a moment full of joy became, in a short time, in a gesture of desperation to stay afloat, unfortunately, without success. The horrible fact was filmed by the cell phone of one of the victims.

In India, on May 19, three young people entered a pond without noticing its depth, drowning after a few minutes because none of them knew how to swim. This tragic event was recorded by the cell phone of one of the young people, who were identified as Chetan Khatik, Radheyshyam Khatik and Sudarshan Chandel. The images found on the device helped the authorities to find their bodies.

According to local media, the three boys were good friends and went for a bike ride. In the middle of the road, they found a pond and decided to refresh a little bit, however, none of the three could swim. Before submerging, they placed the cell phone on the shore and started recording.

Unfortunately, here’s when the saddest part of the history begins. At the beginning of the video, it is observed that they only get wet from the shore, but one of the three slipped and fell into the water. When he realized the depth, he asked for help from his friends, who rushed to help him.

The images show how the boys try to keep afloat with despair, you can see the water splashing, the sudden movements to come out of the pond, without getting it. As the seconds passed, one by one they drowned and no one was there to help them. A few hours later the deceased relatives reported their absence from the houses and immediately began the search until the bicycles and clothes were located on the edge of the pond. Thanks to the images captured by the cell phone it was possible to know what happened and the police could find the bodies.

The fact has moved the whole country, precisely because the images were published, and social networks were filled with messages of sadness about what happened and support for the affected families.