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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The man that did not respect his own daughter

Por olimurs.92

The man lived with his second wife and four children in a factory near New Delhi. Her thirteen-year-old daughter told her stepmother the facts. It turns out that her father had raped her continuously for 6 months, telling her that it was normal between father and daughter. The case is added to the controversy in the Asian country about the violations of minors.

An Indian citizen has sexually abused for six months his 13-year-old daughter in Gurugram, near New Delhi. The man made the child believe that a physical relationship between father and daughter is totally normal in all families. The little girl innocently commented what happened to her stepmother, who took the case to light.

The family, composed of the criminal, his four children, and his wife, live in a factory. The accused, according to the Indian newspaper 'Hindustan Times', is 37 years old and works in the same factory where he lives, in Patadui. The older girl -the one that was sexually abused- was born of his first marriage.

According to police sources, the father was arrested on May 18 and was questioned about the complaint. The authorities are extremely surprised because the man doesn’t seem to feel sorry or shows any guilt, the agents explain that he even behaves naturally, as if nothing happened.

The stepmother's testimony revealed that the man threatened the child to secretly keep the rapes. The lady confessed that initially, she did not believe the girl until she decided to arrive at the house early to check the veracity of the facts. Rapes are one of the main scourges of Indian society. They are practically chronic, but the latest cases of sexual aggression unleashed in recent years have led to an unprecedented popular clamor in the Asian giant. Thousands of people in recent months have taken to the streets to protest for the government to impose tougher laws in this regard. The multitudinous demonstrations, which began after the death of a young girl raped on a bus in 2012, have raised a new scene of denunciation and criticism in the country.

According to data from the Government itself, there are more than 100,000 cases of rape pending resolution in the courts in India. For example, there is only 28% of convictions in cases of children’s rape.