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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Ten-year-old girl raped by her 2 uncles

Por olimurs.92

The police released the information. The girl was a victim of a sexual abuse at the age of ten and got pregnant. The Indian courts denied her an abortion and gave birth to a girl last August. A few days ago the investigation on her violation case had a new turn, the little girl was raped not for one, but for two of her uncles.

The event took place in the Indian city of Chandigarh, in the northern region of the country. The authorities of that place will present charges against the second suspect. It is the younger brother of the man who had already been accused of rape and was previously arrested.

The search for another criminal began after the forensic evidence showed no match between the baby's DNA and the samples taken from the first uncle. The specialist's team concluded that the genetic materials corresponded to the sample taken from the second relative.

The man was arrested on September 19, when the girl named him in a therapy session. According to the police, they are currently working on the accusation of the second aggressor, who remains under custody with his brother.

The girl wasn't only affected by the violation, she was not allowed to have an abortion since the Indian Pregnancy Medical Termination Law indicates that the procedure is not authorized after 20 weeks of pregnancy unless the person has a permit from the courts. Her parents reported the event to the authorities when the child was 26 or 27 weeks pregnant.

Finally, the girl gave birth to her daughter on August 18 at the Medical College and Government hospital in Chandigarh through a Caesarean section. She did not know that she was expecting a baby, her parents just told her that she needed surgery for a kidney stone problem and they refused to let the health professionals tell her the truth.

Unfortunately, in India sexual assault is a recurring theme and motive of social struggles, after the case of the gang rape of a university student in 2012. Despite the attempts of the government to increase the penalties to this crime, the number if violations reported increased 50 percent between 2011 and 2016, and every day more and more cases come into the light.