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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

New storms in India causes 86 dead

Por Olivia Rosario Rodríguez

Electric powerful storms whipped India with winds of up to 109 kilometers per hour. Until the moment, there have been registered 86 people dead and more than a hundred of wounded. Meteorological presages keep on alert several states of the Asian nation, in case of the occurrence of more incidents in the next days.

On Sunday night, one of the strongest storms that have hit India in the present year occurred. The states of Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Western Flare and the capital, New Delhi, have been the most mortal. In some places of the Asian country, the storm hasta stayed more active until this Monday. That is the reason why the authorities consider that the number of damaged persons will increase gradually on the next days.

The main cause of deaths was the fall of trees and the walls that didn't resist to the force of electric storms, accompanied by winds of up to 109 kilometers per hour in some points like Delhi.

The catastrophes for meteorological reasons are normal in the South of Asia in this time of the year due to the Monsoon rains. So far in this month, the number of deceased rises to almost 200 people. According to a spokesman of the National Authority of Management of Disasters, only in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in the north - one of the most punished in the past weeks- the storms have caused 29 dead and 35 wounded, besides the death of a dozen animals.

on the other hand, Interior Ministry of India informed that in the southerner state of Andhra Pradesh, the number of deceased since Sunday is 9 persons, while in the district Howrah, in the oriental state of Bengala, 4 children died and another minor was injured.

The Indian Meteorological Department warned that form the region of Kashmir to Andhra Pradesh -practically the whole country- needs to be prepared for similar phenomena during next 72 hours. Intense rains, strong winds, and electric storms are expected, with winds that can reach 70 kilómeters per hour.

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, felt sorry about the high number of affected persons. The politician published in his Twitter account, a statement saying how much he regrets the lives lost due to the storms in several parts of the country. In addition, he sent condolences to the mourning families.