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Monday, 28 May 2018

Now is easier to climb Everest

Por olimurs.92

The enormous 12 meters high rock disappeared from Everest. The rock face was considered the last difficulty in the ascent to the highest point in the Earth, but now, according to several mountaineers, it is just a slope covered with snow. Scientifics considered that the earthquake occurred in Nepal last year is the main cause of the rock’s disappearance.

Now to reach Mount Everest summit is a little easier, and that´s a little bit of a deception for the lovers of the danger that will never face the same difficulty that previous climbers faced. The enormous 12 meters wall, well-known as ‘Hillary Step’, now it is a softer slope covered with snow that can be easily surrounded by climbers.

From last year began the doubts about the state of this legendary obstacle, after several witnesses assured that it had disappeared. However, many mountaineers and the Nepalese authorities denied the information, assuring that it was just confusion and the rock had been covered by snow.

However, some rock-climbers that recently ascended Mount Everest said that the almost vertical rockface has become a gradual slope. Dawa Phinjo Bhote, a Nepalese guide, said to international media that ‘Hillary Step’ is no longer how people knew it and the area is now easier to climb. Other climbers coincided with Phinjo regarding the disappearance of the step. The mountaineer has ascended seven times the highest mountain in the planet whose summit is located to 8.848 meters on the sea level.

The main reasons for this alteration are still unknown. Some mountaineers have suggested that it is due to the 7,8 magnitude earthquake that killed 9.000 people in Nepal in 2015. On the other hand, some geologists doubt it was the reason because the earthquake’s epicenter was located 450 kilometers from the east side of Everest.

In addition, others specialists pointed global heating, that causes collapses on the mountain because of the melted ice.'Hillary Step' is a part of the Nepalese ascent route, located in the south of the mountain and is considered the most popular among the climbers. Its name is a homage to Edmund Hillary who in 1953 became one of the first two men in climbing Everest, with next to the Nepalese Tenzing Norgay.