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Monday, 28 May 2018

North Korea destroyed its nuclear tests center

Por olimurs.92

North Korea recently began the dismantlement of its nuclear tests site, in the northeast side of the country, in front of a reduced group of foreign media. It is believed that the Punggye-ri base is the only headquarters that Kim Jong–un’s regime used for nuclear tests, so the North Korean leader technically can ‘t carry out them again in the short term.

Just as it was programmed, the base of Punggye-ri, where Pyongyang’s regime has carried out six atomic tests, has been closed definitively. Sky News informed they witnessed a great explosion and, after that, the North Korean authorities assured they have destroyed the place.

The journalists began the journey on Wednesday from Wonsan city left to the remote area where the base was located. After an 11 to 12- hours train trip and a 4-hour walk, they arrived the remote place where the base is located. The present media explained they went up a mountain and observed a detonation 500 meters away. Journalists reported explosions in three tunnels of the underground structure, as well as the surroundings observation towers. It unknown if the supreme leader Kim Jong-a it was present in the event.

Subsequently, the Asian regime emitted an official statement saying that the Nuclear Weapons Institute had carried out the ceremony of the complete dismantlement of the north nuclear tests base.

The demolition of the base is interpreted as an expression of North Korea to demonstrate its real will of abandoning the atomic program. Pyongyang committed carrying out a public dismantlement of its atomic center, after the summit taken place on April between Kim Jong-un and South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, in which both agreed to work to achieve the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

International analysts criticized that North Korea didn't allow the presence of international experts in atomic armament, something that would be allowed to obtain more information about the atomic tests carried out in Punggye-ri and the state of these facilities. Eight South Korean reporters finally arrived at North Korea after their visas were denied and join the group of international journalists who present the destruction of the base.

On the other hand, the dismantlement practically would coincide with the summit among the USA president, Donald Trump, and North Korean leader, Kin Jong-un, on June 12 in Singapore, but it was canceled by the Asian president due to the pressures to impose him a model of unilateral denuclearization and after president Trump pointed his possible delay.