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Monday, 28 May 2018

The man who is still a baby

Por olimurs.92

Manpreet Singh is the name of the 23-year-old man whose case has cause a shock in India and the world because he appears to be only 1-year-old. A video where he appears went viral on YouTube because, despite having the age of an adult, he lives trapped in the body of a child of just one year due to a strange medical condition.

Manpreet was born in 1995 in India, but although he looked like a normal child, he stopped growing when he was one-year-old and weighing less than 5kg because of a strange genetic condition that left him trapped in the body of a baby. According to ‘Daily Mail’, he currently weighs only 11 pounds and cannot walk or talk.

In his town, Hisar, in India, he is referred to as the "the man of the size of a beer." He moved to this place called Hisar when his parents could not take care of him anymore. Since he was born he has needed care 24 hours a day that is why his uncles took care of him.

Karanvir Singh and Lakhwinder Kaur are the names of his relatives, who take care of him and take him to every place in their arms like any baby. So far his family does not know why he stopped growing, because any doctor has been able to give a specific diagnosis about him.

Some of them agree that it is a hormonal imbalance, while others diagnosed that it is a ‘Laron syndrome’ case. This condition, also known as ‘Laron type dwarfism’, is a rare congenital disease in which the body cannot use the growth hormone it produces. However, it has not been confirmed scientifically, through a more intense study, the exact condition he has because his family doesn’t have the economic resources to do a better treatment.

His case is considered extremely rare, in addition, he is the only member of his family who has that situation. His sister, a 17 years old girl, and his brother have a very normal physical and mental development. Singh has swollen hands and feet and a totally flaccid skin on his face. In addition, he can only communicate through gestures, laughing, screaming and crying.

The only treatment that could help to find a solution for Manpreet's case would begin with a deep study of its physiognomy and its hormones, but its possibilities of treatment are very scarce. Doing a thorough investigation would cost the family of this "little giant" approximately $ 7,500, something impossible for this, so they asked for help from the international community to help the young man.