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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

US will help North Korea if its nuclear program ends

Por Olivia Rosario Rodríguez

There's less than a month for the meeting of US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, that will be held on June 12, in Singapore. From now, the meeting has been cataloged as historical, but this week president Kim threatened with the cancellation of the meeting due to military exercises made in the region.

After his visit to North Korea, Mike Pompeo, head of US diplomacy, offered economic aid to the impoverished Asian country if it ends its atomic program. The politician clarified that fully denuclearizing that country will require strong verification by specialized inspectors. The Secretary of state said in his statement that if the Asina country takes decisive actions to denuclearize quickly, United States is prepared to work with them in order to achieve prosperity like South Korea did. About this theme, it is important to mention that US economy -the largest in the world- is 1.500 times larger than North Korean.

Many consider that this is the main card that Trump will use on June 12, to convince North Korean leader. Likewise, another key factor is the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang, as well as the concessions related to the atomic program. It is worth noting that the United States is demanding that North Korea hands over the nuclear weapons that it has developed, with which, until recently, it threatened with attacking the United States.

Even so, it is not clear if the Noth Korean regime is willing to dismantle its arsenal, because he constantly prides himself of being the head of a nuclear State. it is also unknown if there will be chemistry between the two leaders, who, until a few months ago, insulted and threatened each other.

The diplomatic move of the Republican US President has been giving him credits in the national public opinion. In fact, 71 percent of US citizens support the meeting with Nort Korea. However, another 49 percent, distrust the intentions of Kim Jong-un. Many consider that the North Korean leader is not serious about this important issue, especially because of his great atomic ambitions.

On the other hand, North Korea threatened with canceling the summit, due to recent military maneuvers performed by the United States and South Korea, which have been considered an act of provocation. According to local media, the military exercises were an essay for a possible invasion of the Asian nation. About this theme, the level of speculations is growing, and the world is waiting for a new statement from Pyongyang, to see the unleashing of the facts.