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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

An oversight that almost left Spain out of the Eurovision Song Contest

Por Sofía

The presentation of the representatives of Spain in Eurovisión, Alfred García and the flaming winner of Operación Triunfo, Amaia Romero, has been in danger on several occasions. A few weeks ago, a gift from Alfred to his also romantic partner Amaia, ignited the networks against him as they accused him of independence.

This time, the fault is not for any of the two singers, who represent Spain in the Eurovision contest with the song 'Tu canción'. The publication of a video and some photographs in which they could see the performance of both in the rehearsal of the first Eurovision 2018 semifinal, could have cost them their participation. The snapshots have been published by Brisa Fenoy, composer of 'Lo malo' and who also forms part of the professional jury of TVE. Thanks to this he was able to see the general rehearsal carried out on the night of this Tuesday, of the representatives of Spain in the Festival.

The problem with these publications, policies that the composer did not know, is that the rules of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) prevent the professional juries of the countries from disclosing information or images of the general essays, in order to avoid disclosing them data that could intervene in the final votes. The breach of these rules could lead to the expulsion of Spain in this edition as a last measure.

However, Fenoy noticed his error in time and managed to erase all the content related to the essay, which had been uploaded to his social networks, in order to avoid a sanction for the Spanish delegation that could affect the presentation of Amaia and Alfred, as well as future voting. Although the performance of the artists will not be judged until next Friday by a jury composed of specialists from each country, also coinciding with the general rehearsal of the great final of Eurovision 2018.

Previous weeks, a group of internet users took on the task of gathering a significant number of signatures in order to stop Alfred's participation in the European festival. All this as a result of a book that he gave to his girlfriend Amaia that was described as an ode to the Catalan independence movement and that therefore was not a worthy Spanish representative in the contest.