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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A new tragedy in India

Por olimurs.92

According to a Mumbai police source, the fire started around 12:22 a.m. (local time) at the fifth flor restaurant called '1 Above', in the industrial complex Kamala Mills. In that building were located two restaurants on the top floors, the aforementioned, and other establishment called 'Mojo's Bristro'. Unfortunately, 14 people lost their lives in the accident, eleven of them were women and the remainig three were men.

The people who were in the restaurant at the time the fire started said that they saw a small flame in a corner of the place that, apparently, would go out alone. However, many of them underestimated the enormous speed that the flames would take. Many of them reported to local media that the fire gained strength long before they had time to react, in a matter of seconds the fire had engulfed the roof. Survivors expressed that there was o time to control the incident, only to try to escape from the place.

According to local media, in the restaurant were around 100 people when the fire started. Immediately there was a kind of human stampede because everybody was trying to reach the door to escape from the fire and the flames. Some diners reported that people were pushing each other, trying to flee, while the roof was completely burned and the temperature was very high.

They had to run down the stairs, pursued by the embers. A person who was in the place told that he could feel the fire persecuting him and the heat growing and growing.

So far the authorities are unaware of the main cause of the fire, which occurred in one of the most elegant areas of the Indian city. As soon as the fire was heard, the firefighters moved to the place, but they couldn´t control the flames until midnight. It is known that there are more than ten injured, who are already out of danger. The authorities, meanwhile, continue to investigate the causes of the incident.

indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, posted on his Twitter account that he was distressed by the fire in Mumbai and his thoughts were with the relatives of the victims. Also, he referred to the wounded, saying he prays for them to recover quickly.