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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The huge parties of Pablo Escobar

Por pratts23

According to the statements of Jairo Martinez, manager and producer of Colombian artists, to the parties of Pablo Escobar, popular for his actions in drug trafficking, attended all the political elite of Cartagena. Another of the hosts who had the 'pleasure' to meet was Carlos Lehder. The former music producer remembers these events with a phrase "Sex, drugs and rock & roll".

Martinez, recognized in the entertainment world for promoting the career of artists such as the famous Colombian Shakira, recalled in an interview with the show 'Se de de mí', by Caracol TV, most of the time she was present at the spectacular parties that Escobar and other Colombian drug traffickers gave in the 1990s. Another of the hosts who had the 'pleasure' of knowing was Carlos Lehder, who is currently imprisoned in the United States, among other reasons, for being one of the founders of the Medellin cartel, with all that this implies. 

"Those of Pablo were more than everything in discotheques, those of Lehder yes were in their house, in which I was", assured the ex- producer, who described as "fantastic" those rumbas, practically endless. Remember also that these celebrations began in the blink of an eye, despite the risks faced by all those people who rubbed shoulders with drug trafficking and its most important leaders. Asefura that many of those who attended these events belonged to the political and military elite of Cartagena, taking into account politicians and police. 

"One day there was a party in Cartagena and suddenly someone said 'let's go to the farm.' Suddenly, I see myself riding in a small plane, landing in Pereira [more than 700 kilometers away] and leaving for Armenia to the farm. Carlos Lehder ", says the former manager almost incredulous. Martinez points out that "they were very rare rumbas", in which, on one occasion, he could see how they were passing a Swedish girl, a man took a girl home as if it were a prize. 

All these stories, apparently do not match the statements of Escobar's son, Juan Pablo, who a few months ago told how difficult his father's life was all the time hidden and hidden. According to Martinez, between one hiding place and another, he had enough time to perform these events.