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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A spiritual ritual that ended into a collective suicide

Por olimurs.92

This Sunday morning the bodies of eleven people were found dead in what seems to have been a mystical - spiritual ritual. The deceased resided in the Indian area of Burari, a city registered in the northern district of Delhi in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India, and they were all part of the same family

The family had a furniture business and a grocery store in that part of the Asian country. Their behavior was completely normal, neighbors had not detected anything unusual in the routines or attitudes of the victims, who had been living in the property for two decades.

The bodies were found mostly blindfolded and hung from a beam in a house in the north of New Delhi. According to the authorities' reports, apparently it is a spiritual-mystical ritual, ten of them remained hanged and the last one, corresponding to that of an old woman, was located in an adjoining room in the same house where the disastrous events took place. The woman, a 77-year-old woman, identified as Narayan Devi, was found dead on the floor in the three-level family house, whose doors and windows have no sign of being forced.

Vinit Kumar, police commissioner for the northern district of the Indian capital, told international media that initially, the police treated the incident as a murder case, but the investigation turned 180 degrees when they found handwritten notes, housing with descriptions that match the way in which the bodies were found.

As explained by the member of the authorities, most of the notes indicate that something was taking place in that place of a spiritual-mystical nature. The agent added that at the moment they are investigating who could write the notes in which it appeared how they should bandage their eyes or tie their hands.

Similarly, the statements of the agent ruled out the possibility that it was a theft because the house was not sacked and all items of value were intact, including mobile phones and gold jewelry worn by the deceased women. Relatives and neighbors, however, reject that the family intentionally took their lives, because they had no reason to do so, since they were "happy, very religious and had no financial problems". In addition, the family was organizing the wedding of the eldest grandson, one of the 11 deceased, who was 33 years old and had been engaged in marriage just two weeks ago.

The neighborhood of Burari is plagued by police and journalists from various media, who interview the shocked neighbors about what happened and if they know of any evidence that confirms that the family was a member of a cult.