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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Rape keeps lacerating India

Por olimurs.92

Images recorded with a cellphone demonstrated once again that the violations, one of the main lassoers in India, prevail. In this occasion, the kidnapping and grupal violation of five activist youths has provoked the popular anger. Until the moment the identities of the aggressors who recorded the crime, are unknown.

The events happened last week on the afternoon in the village of Kochang, in the Indian state of Jharkhand. As the local police informed to international means, the five youths who had been hired by an ONG related with the Church called 'Asha Kiran', after finishing a play in a school went to the streets to make aware the population about the traffic of people. In that moment they were attacked by a group of men who kidnapped them and violated them while they recorded the crime with a cellphone.

Ashwini Kumar, local Police chief, informed that the authorities created three groups to investigate the event that, seemingly, happened in a remote forest, where the aggressors took the five youths to rape them.

On the other hand, Homkar Amol Venukant, subinspector of the regional Police, detailed that it is already known that the youths were intimidated with homemade weapons. The agent explained that until the moment several suspects of having participated in the group violation were arrested, but he didn't offer more information about it.

At the moment, the regional Police offered a recompense of 50.000 rupees, equivalent to 740 dollars, to who contributes information about the identity of the aggressors.

In 2012, India hardened for the first time its legislation against sexual crimes, after the brutal gang rape of a young university student who died after weeks of agony in New Delhi. At the end of April, the Indian Government hardened the hardships against sexual aggressors, including the possibility to condemn them to death if the victim has less than 12 years. The measure came out after the kidnapping, torture and violation of an eight year-old girl's who was killed after that in the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir.

India is s the second country in the world by population, after the People's Republic of China. There live more than 1.3 billion people, where women represent 48 percent. It is a sexist society where females are subordinated in many ways to men, not only in the workplace but at home. In accordance with figures of the National Agency of Registration of Crimes of India, just in 2016, 38.947 violations occurred in India, and 2.167 of it were in group.