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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Trump's better than this

Por qubano22005

Mueller has tricked Donald Trump very well. This new blow has gone straight to the chin of the American president and if he performed the move strongly enough, it is very likely he will knock Trump out definitively. The president has only been able to be on the defensive, avoiding combat and occasionally launching soft blows to Robert Mueller, who can handle them very easily. The truth is that Donald has not been able to face his great rival while the Special Counsel manages to whip him constantly with evidence.

On this occasion, Tom Barrack has been called to "talk" with Bob Mueller. Trump’s closest "little friend" to Donny built an empire together with the New York’s tycoon. Barrack is the executive chairman of Real Estate investment firm Colony NorthStar. He founded and was executive chairman of Colony Capital, which he created in 1991.

Tom Barrackis is considered by many intimate and confidant of the president. According to AP, he was called by the Mueller’s team to court-appear and explain "certain" incongruities that the Special Counsel has been encountering during these months of research about the Russian involvement in the 2016 US presidential elections. So far it is not known what Barrack has been questioned about or what new leads Tom has offered to the investigation team, but the real thing is that the information that the dialogue throws will further shorten the path to reveal the truth completely.

For years Tom Barrack and Trump have had friendly relations. They have developed in the real estate business. After Donald became us president candidate, Barrack was very close to his friend advising him; he has not abandoned Trump since 1988, when he sold him the Plaza Hotel in New York. Since the negotiation both forged a friendship that they have declared is for life. In 2016 Barrack accompanied him during the presidential campaign and more than once he patted Trump’s back and whispered in his ear some advice. Barrack also has close ties with leaders and entrepreneurs from the Middle East.

According to the AP the questions were addressed on the involvement of other "partners" of Trump: Paul Manafort and his assistant Rick Gates, who do committed crimes during the campaign that led Trump to the presidential chair. On February, Gates agreed to plead guilty to federal charges of conspiracy and false statements’ making, and began cooperating with Mueller's investigators. The Special Counsel has presented several charges against Manafort, but none for crimes related to the Russian interference in the presidential campaign in 2016, an issue with which Manafort has denied having anything to do with it.

A few months ago Tom was brought in front of the Senate to court-appear and it was learned that he spoke about Gates' work, but nothing was discussed about a possible misappropriation of money although financial issues related to the campaign were discussed. So, what does Gates have to do with Barrack? Very simple, Barrack chaired the presidential inaugural committee, which raised a record $ 107 million, and then it is logical to ask about those dollars and their final destination.

For months they have been investigating the finances and if these were in accordance with federal laws. Likewise, they also investigate if data operation is related to Cambridge Analytics as well as the payments made to Rick Gates, and whether there were arrangements that weren’t disclosed in filings to the Federal Election Commission.

The list of Mueller's team also tracks Trump's business and his relationships with his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. There are even suspicions that he drafted a possible real estate deal in Moscow for his boss.

It is striking that the ongoing investigation carried out by Robert Mueller is collecting large files related to finance, beyond the political implications of a possible Russian interference in the elections. The evidence found points out more to a possible case of corruption than to a Russian collusion, although it is possible that the purpose is to verify whether the money actually came from Moscow. It is likely to prove that the current administration is corrupted to the core.

It was remarkable Barrack’s participation during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. In that moment he said: “His motto is that a lion wakes up every morning and knows one thing — that it has to run faster than the fastest gazelle, and a gazelle wakes up and she knows that she needs to run faster than the fastest lion, but whether you’re a gazelle or a lion, you get up in the morning and you get the hell going, and that is Donald”. With such a statement, he justified the contradictory measures that have characterized his friend's administration.

Trump's friend has also been his advocate before media and has been soft several times saying that "he’s very focused on some of the ardent things. He admitted the president’s tweeting “makes everybody crazy”, a way he has found to alleviate criticism from the American press that punishes Trump daily. Nevertheless, he is not blind and has occasionally criticized his business "brother" for the decisions he makes as well as for his rhetoric. The Washington Post last October published that he was “shocked” and “stunned” by some of the president’s rhetoric — and, of course, the tweets. Barrack also disagreed on the measures directed to some countries with Muslim majority and his insistence on the wall with Mexico.

Several relevant documents have been unveiled: like the association of Trump's daughter and her husband with Russian businessmen; and the files collected in Cohen’s office that reflect obscure financial relationships that directly or indirectly relate to the president. Mueller increasingly corners Donald Trump against the ropes and, despite a recent statement from several congressmen pointing out that the president had no implications, the prosecutor's office continues its investigative path. The inquiries aim at determine if his acts constituted obstruction of justice. Therefore, they seek to interrogate Trump on several episodes of his administration.

Among the many people who have had to face Robert Mueller there has been Michael Flynn, Trump's former National Security adviser, for whom the case was uncovered and Robert Mueller was called, as it is known that Comey was investigating Flynn when Trump fired the number one of the FBI. Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon and George Papadopoulos have also testified. However, very few people know, as Tom Barrack does, the management and interstices of Donald Trump's business and political career.

The appearance of Donald Trump before Mueller is still pending. According to the president, he does not fear Special Counsel because he has nothing to hide. Nevertheless, he was very offended by the list of alleged questions Mueller will ask. Trump called the list of questions about Russian interference in the 2016 campaign "infamous".