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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The Hawaiian Kilauea volcano is in exlosive phase

Por Olivia Rosario Rodríguez

After some weeks, the eruption of the Kilauea volcano keeps whipping the south of Hawaii with uncontrolled lava rivers and new cracks every day. However, the worst art began last week when the volcano entered in explosive phase and the local authorities have been noticing the residents to take refuge to avoid the contact with the ashes that reaches more than 9,000 meters high.

According to the United States Geologic Service (USGM), the powerful explosions can throw ballistic blocks from the size of small cars to a distance of more than a kilometer, and throw boulders-size projectiles up to 19 kilometers away. Because of the danger that this situation supposes, the authorities have advised the residents to take refuge to avoid the contact with the material emitted by the volcano.

In the last days, the volcano threw big solid volcanic material starting a new wave of volcanic eruptions. In accordance with USGM, there may be stronger explosions provoked by vapor. In next days that could produce an ashes cloud up to 6,100 meters above the crater and also throw rocks of 10 and 12 tons to 800 meters of distance.

USGM Service of EE UU declared red alert in Hawaii because of the eruption of the Kilauea volcano, where 185.000 people live. Near 2,000 residents have already been evacuated from their homes in the area of Leilani Estates, and another 1,700 from Lanipuna Gardens.

The volcano is located in the southeast side of the island of Hawaii, is one of five in the archipelago. Since 1983 is considered one of the most active in the world.

Since the volcano entered in eruption last May 3rd, after an earthquake, several dozens of houses have been destroyed, it is calculated that other 700 are in danger and more than 2.000 people have been evacuated. From the beginning, there have been registered dozens of tremors in the area, in the Pacific Ocean; some of it were superiors of magnitude five. The lava has spread through urbanizations and cultivation lands and has destroyed several highways of the coastal area.

According to the Civil Defense Agency of Hawaii, until this moment neither deaths or serious lesions have been reported but Hawaiian people must be prepared to face the increase of the volcano's anger.