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Friday, 18 May 2018

New facebook features tested in India

Por olimurs.92

The way of storing content on Facebook has been changed considerably, with the aim that the publications have more and more impact on the platform. Users from India were chosen for the test, which has the objective to attract the users to Facebook 'Stories'. If they succeed, the improvements could be launched globally.

Definitely, the creators of the famous social network are still unsatisfied and want to keep grouping millions of users. Every day they update their features just to keep attracting followers. And recently they have incorporated new features, that have been tested in India.

The first new option of Facebook is related to storage. The company is testing the possibility that, when taking pictures with the Facebook camera, they can be saved in a site's album instead of the phone gallery. This measure is aimed at shortening steps from taking a picture until it is uploaded to Facebook. On the other hand, the idea seeks to alleviate the lack of space that many mobiles suffer. This feature will avoid that users have to delete some photos before taking new ones.

In addition, the albums will be saved privately and the user must then decide whether to make public or not the images taken. Until now, the company hasn't established any space limit.

The second feature tested in India allows facebook 'Stories' to be audio only. This new feature allows, when opening the camera -very similar to what happens on Instagram- a new option called 'voice note' appears. At the beginning, the option has a basic background of colors, which can later be changed by an image, and comes with a record button.

The uploaded audios will have the same duration as the rest of the stories and, in addition, they have a plus, since the spelling mistakes are eliminated and it is not necessary to use the tedious smartphone keypad.

Finally, Facebook has tried a new measure, and that is the 'Stories' file. With this tool, users can rescue old publications on the social network Stories. About this, the company has not specified where that file will be available nor whether it will have any space limitations.