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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

New Cuban president, a perfect opportunity

Por qubano22005

Cuba has a new government, a puppet or not of the Castros’ dynasty, at least it looks like a new period for Cubans and their six-decade Revolution. The new president is a "young man" who will give, or not, continuity to Raul's legacy. People already support him and this May 1st the local propaganda and the population showed signs of reaffirmation of the decision of the last of the Castros in power. The Cubans confirmed the State’s decision to elect Miguel Díaz-Canel as the new leader of the nation but will the United States change its policy towards Cuba? Will they metamorphose in front of the new Cuban administration?

No, I do not think so; neither does the President of the United States Donald Trump. His political achievement has already won him and unlike the Nobel Prize winner, Barack Obama, Cuba does not bring him any political victory. Already North Korea and the acceptance of Kim Jon-un may even give him the Nobel Prize. Yet, why keep then the restrictions on Cuba? Why to punish the Cuban people? Well simply because it is not Trump who makes the decisions regarding Cuba.

It is well known that former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, bequeathed the decisions on Cuba and Latin America to Marcos Rubio. Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo trusts Rubio and of course, he will not stop doing so now that he is in the position occupied by Tillerson. So, who is Marcos Rubio? He is simple a Cuban-American who knows nothing about Cuba, its Revolution, or its history. Maybe he has seen Havana through photos and smoked Habanos given to him as a gift, but who responds to the rhetoric of retrograde elders who could not with the Castros neither in nor out of Cuba. Rubio grew up with the stories and hatred of the little old people from Miami’s Calle Ocho, the same ones who did not return after leaving. He owes them their votes and his current political position.

Therefore, every action he takes will be for the approval of the hard-line groups, those who for more than 60 years struggled without achieving anything. However, Obama, with a simple smile, a handshake and a visit to a TV show, returned the hope of change to the Caribbean people.

Trump was only two weeks ago in Hialeah, a mostly Cubans’ community, but he did not talk about Cuba. Did you see any comments on Twitter? Simply he is not interested in a minuscule island without oil or resources; however, he should. Why? The decrepit Cuban economy means that all its businesses and industries are devastated and in the making. There is no investment. It is even almost better and less expensive than destroying countries and then rebuilding them. The United States does not need this because the island is already ruined. Therefore, opening lines of business and investment would ensure the control of this territory that also owes a high debt. Marcos Rubio may not know it, Trump much less, but Havana was the paradise of America. The country was the guinea pig of profitable business and companies models of the United States.

Donald would also gain prestige as a statesman among American businessmen like him; the same ones who want good relations and a Cuba open to business.

The government of the United States should note that the new Cuban president is only 58 years old and belongs to another generation, so perhaps he is open to negotiations, to dialogue and, oddly enough, to a greater economic openness and exchange, and I even dare to say, to "change" helped by the United States. He knows that the country needs it, especially because several sectors for his administration need to be improved.

China is not a reliable seller because of the quality of its products, and it is also too far away and a change in trade would be beneficial for Cubans to reduce costs.

In terms of politics, Cuba could contribute to a political rapprochement with Venezuela, but the island fuels the fire because they precisely have a common enemy and Cubans need the oil of the South American country. If the old and obsolete politics of the United States do not change, Díaz-Canel Bermúdez will try alliances with Russia, China, the Middle East and the European Union. If that happens, Marcos Rubio, the little old men from Calle Ocho and Trump would lose all kinds of opportunities

The government of the United States when it comes to Cuba believes that they are making an offensive. Negative. Cubans defend themselves, paradoxical as it may seem. Rubio's ideas about Cuba are a setback that the island is very well taking advantage of in the political and economic field. The Caribbean nation lives its most unfortunate economic moment and "Americans" should show as the "good guys" of the film.

The question is: Why try to dialogue with powers such as Russia and China and not with Cuba? Is it not better to invest on real estate in Havana or on a golf course in Varadero? This is the time to blow up the old patterns and rebuild the American dream on a Caribbean island. It’s now or never.