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Monday, 21 May 2018

More that 100 death after aviation accident in Cuba

Por Olivia Rosario Rodríguez

Around 12:08 pm this Friday, a commercial plane operated by the company Cubana de Aviación, model Boeing 737-200, crashed 20 kilometers from Havana shortly after taking off from the José Martí International Airport. The accident left around 100 people dead, and, although the number is not yet confirmed, only three survivors have been reported and they have been hospitalized.

The plane, owned by a Mexican company named 'Damojh Aerolíneas SA' transported 104 passengers and crew, most of them Cubans, and covered the Havana-Holguín route on the DHJ 0972 flight, offered by the Cuban airlines' company. The members of the crew were commander Jorge Luis Núñez Santos, first officer Miguel Ángel Arreola Ramírez, mayor overseer maría Daniela Ríos Rodríguez, first pursers Abigail hernández García and Guadalupe Beatriz Limón García, and the maintenance technician Marco Antonio López Pérez. All of them were Mexican and, unfortunately, are deadly victims.

The accident occurred shortly after starting the flight from Terminal 1. When it was blasting off, the aircraft plunged into the fields located between josé Martí Airport and district Santiago de Las Vegas, in an area of agricultural crops of Boyeros municipality. A few seconds after rushing, the plane exploded. miles away, everybody could see the huge ascending smoke column.

The first persona to arrive at the place took only 5 minutes to do it. He found a mess of broken iron set on fire. After 12 minutes the rescue forces arrived and began to work in the area. It is worth noting the huge deployment of medical assistance, supported by the National Revolutionary Police and the Fire Department in Rancho Boyeros area, that came to the site.

Only four people were rescued alive among the wreckage. one of them, a man, sadly died on his way to the hospital, three other women, of whom only one have been identified, fight for their lives at Calixto García Hospital in Havana. The three of them are in serious conditions with many injuries.

Cuban President Miguez Díaz Canel Bermúdez went to the scene of the accident along with other authorities of the country and spoke with relatives of the victims. Investigations are currently underway to determine which were the causes of the sinister.