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Thursday, 10 May 2018

"MeToo" prosecutor resigns after four women accuse him of mistreatment

Por Jade

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman presented his resignation Monday night, after four women explained that he sexually assaulted them. Schneiderman has become the hunted hunter. During these months he has been postulated as a brave defender of the cause of the #MeToo movement and a tireless animator that women dared to denounce abuses and harassment.

Once again it has been The New Yorker that has uncovered the issue. On that occasion, the signing of Ronan Farrow is accompanied by Jane Mayer. This prestigious and historic magazine recently won, along with The New York Times, one of the Pulitzer Prizes for unveiling last October the predatory actions of the almighty producer Harvey Weinstein. Schneiderman took the lead in the case against Weinstein and became a champion of the cause, to the point that he has received praise and recognition for his work in defense of women.

However, it seems that everything was a house of cards. Two women, Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, known in New York society, in the social circles of Manhattan, have dared to take the step despite the threats. The same coercions that have led two other women to speak without giving their identity. The Schneiderman affair, Democrat and recognized anti-Trump, presents an even more devastating aspect. Abusing alcohol, the chief prosecutor until Monday enjoyed physically hitting and abusing their partners. First he conquered them and then he used violence or the language of porn movies. Relations with these women have developed in recent years.

The four coincide in the violence and the bad treatment, in the nights of alcohol. To all it forced to them to drink and to hurry their glasses quickly. He worked as a sadomasochist at night and as a vigilante during the day. From the outset, to which the article came to light, Schneiderman issued a statement denying any type of abuse. He said that at all times maintained a relationship in which sex exchanges were consented. But critical voices immediately emerged. The governor of New York, the also Democrat Andrew Cuomo, immediately requested his resignation.

They were silent when they suffered as victims for fear of the power of this predator. "What do you do when the abuser is the highest legal authority in the state?" Selvaratnam asked. But, despite their silence, they stored evidence (photos and emails), or explained it to friends. One of them is the novelist Salman Rushdie, with whom one of them maintained relations and who confessed what had happened to the chief prosecutor. Schneiderman made another statement: that of his resignation. According to his dismissed note, the attorney general acknowledges that he cannot continue to lead the charge at this critical time, "although these allegations do not affect my professional conduct." Which is nothing more than a way to chant mea culpa.

Jennifer Cunningham, Eric Schneiderman's ex-wife, came out in his defense, saying that these accusations are "completely inconsistent" with the man she has known for 35 years and stressed his values. "For me it is impossible to believe that they are true," she says. The prosecutor's intention was to re-run for re-election in the upcoming November elections, although his name sounded during the last year as a potential candidate for governor if Andrew Cuomo had bigger aspirations by 2020.

Schneiderman, 63, who was elected to that position in 2010, adds that, for that reason, he will leave office when his day ends on Tuesday."It has been an honor and a privilege to serve New Yorkers," he says. Eric Schneiderman has just completed seven years in office last January. He was also one of the most combative prosecutors against President Donald Trump's policies, which he even said is the biggest threat to New Yorkers. The confrontation between the two is prior to the businessman arriving at the White House. The tycoon called him corrupt and cocaine addict in public.