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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Iranian president warns Putin about Tehran's intentions

Por olimurs.92

Military tension between powerful nations has the world in danger of a global conflagration. Each step counts if we want to analyze how all this “power struggle” will end. An important news is that Israel’s Prime Minister traveled to Moscow to attend the traditional parade in tribute to the 73rd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday made an official visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. During the meeting highlights the allegations of the president about Teheran’s intentions. The politician said that next week a Russian delegation will visit Israel to analyze the Iranian secret nuclear archive.

The visit happened some days after the announcement of Donald Trump about United States leaving the nuclear agreement. The Israeli leader reiterated to his Russian counterpart about Tehran’s intentions, one of the main allies of Moscow, to carry out "another Holocaust" against the Jewish people.

Netanyahu, who spent almost ten hours in Moscow, attended the traditional parade on Moscow's Red Square, to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. During the short visit, the politician said that Israel doesn’t forget for a moment about the great sacrifice of the Russian people and their Red Army in the victory against the Nazi monster.

On the other hand, Putin said that the bonds between their countries about the contest is strong, because they have the same attitude against Nazism, fascism, about the victims of that conflict in general and the Holocaust in particular. Netanyahu said that, even though it seems incredible, 73 years after the Holocaust there is a country in the Middle East, that, of course, is Iran, which calls for the destruction of another six million Jews.

President Putin and his counterpart Netanyahu came together to honor the martyrs in front of the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb, where they laid a wreath. After the parade, and before flying back to Israel, Netanyahu told the press that the main issue he addressed with the Russian president was the role played by Iran in the Syrian war, and not the withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear agreement, as everybody was speculating.