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Friday, 25 May 2018

He killed a cow and was lynched

Por olimurs.92

Cows are sacred animals In India, so killing them is a crime in the Asian country, but killing a man after that is really a problem. The real victim of this story was a Muslim tailor named Riyaz Khan, who was lynched by a group of Hindu whom accused him and his friend of killing a cow, and died in an Indian Hospital.

The murder happened on Friday in the town of Amgara, in Madhya Pradesh, a central region of India. According to the Police and both men were attacked, even when they assured they have not killed any cow. Rajesh Kumar Hingankar, Police superintendent in the district of Satna, informed that two dead cows have been found.

According to local media, the deceased, named Riyaz Khan, was a 45-year-old tailor. The man died after being beaten because of the severity of the injuries suffered. Shakeel Maqbool, who used to work as a driver for him, was seriously injured in the same incident. The police reported that saw two individuals return to the village after having killed some bulls. When found out, a group of people ran to the place where the two victims were and started beating them.

Maqbool, 33, was taken to the hospital in critical conditions after the attack. The deceased's friend will be arrested as soon as he receives the medical discharge, he affirmed. The laws of Madhya Pradesh establish a seven-year-old maximum sentence to anybody who kills a cow, a sacred animal for the Hindu religion. The Asian country is experiencing a rebound in the cases led by cows 'vigilants’.

At the moment four neighbors of Amgara have been arrested for the murder and aggression of the two victims. One of the accused has denounced that the two victims killed several cows in the village, and another one denies attacking them and sustains both men fell and hurt themselves while running away from the infuriated multitude.

It is really worrying that India is living a turnaround in the number of 'cow vigilants' who attack the farmers and stop the sacrifice bovine livestock with violence. In the summer of 2017, a Muslim young man died stabbed for carrying beef. In another incident, a farmer that was taking cows to the slaughterhouse and was killed in the middle of the way.